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Our Story

After years of war, a determined group of Afghan women now resettled in New England have banded together to help their families succeed by creating and selling an array of unique, handsewn products. 

Empowering Afghan Women, One Stitch at a Time. 


In the chaos that was Afghanistan in August of 2021, a large number of families who had supported the United States during the war were evacuated. Many were resettled in New England and began the difficult process of rebuilding their lives in a new and unfamiliar country.

Sewing Seeds for Hope is a volunteer-run organization helping Afghan women achieve self-sufficiency. These women come from vastly different backgrounds yet share a strong desire to see their families, especially their children, succeed in their new home.

In addition to learning a new language and culture, the women are developing strong business and leadership skills by using their talents to create and sell a variety of beautiful handmade products, including pillows, cosmetic bags, and aprons, to name just a few.

Since launching with three artisans, Sewing Seeds for Hope has added two more skilled seamstresses. The goal is to continually expand, enabling this organization to assist as many families as possible.  


All sales proceeds go directly to the artisans. 


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